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About us

Our Campaign

Farmworkers must be protected from exposures to toxic pesticides. The people who feed us deserve no less. For too long, we as a nation have depended on a food supply that has put millions of people, including children, in harm’s way of direct and indirect exposure to agricultural chemicals in the fields and greenhouses where they work and near to where they live. To address this injustice, a coalition of organizations has launched a campaign to push for improved U.S. laws and regulations to protect the health and safety of farmworkers.

  • Better (and more frequent) training on health risks of pesticides, including safety measures workers can take to protect themselves and their families; employers’ responsibilities to ensure their safety; and worker rights;
  • Worker access to timely information about the use, location and hazards of specific pesticides on the farm where they work;
  •  Special protections for pesticide handlers.

Founding Organizations

We are a group of organizations that work together to promote farmworker health and justice as part of the Coming Clean collaborative.

Our Campaign is supported in part by the Coming Clean collaborative, which hosts leading environmental health and justice experts who are working to reform the chemical and energy industries so they are no longer a source of harm. For more information, visit www.ComingCleanInc.org.

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