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2/3/2016 Associated Press, Review Reveals Problems Protecting Workers from Pesticides

1/22/2016 Honolulu Civil Beat, Syngenta Workers Seek Medical Aid After Pesticide Use on Kauai

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Essays and Photos


Photos from Our Events and Advocacy

The Toxic Secret of California’s Salad Bowl: Dangerous Pesticides, A Way of Life for Farmworkers, A photo essay by EarthJustice.

Stories from the Field, A photo essay by David Bacon and Farmworker Justice


Pesticide Lake - Farmworker exposure to pesticides in Lake Apopka, Florida.

Overworked and Under Spray –  Children as young as 12 can legally work in agriculture. This film covers farmworker children and exposure to pesticides.

Made in the U.S.A.: Child Labor and Tobacco – Children working in tobacco fields are exposed to nicotine, toxic pesticides, and other dangers.

Elvira, A Farmworker – The perspective of a farmworker turned advocate for pesticide safety.

Breaking Silence – Farmworkers speak about their experiences with pesticides in the fields.


Pesticide Action Network North America: What EPA Didn’t Know about Enlist Duo

Table Rock State Park South Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains Landscape

Pesticide Action Network North America: Valentine Love for Farmworkers

Farmworker Justice:  Got flowers? Valentine Love for Fernery Workers

Yesenia and Neftali braved brutal cold at the Capitol last week to speak out about pesticide safety.

Toxic Free  NC: Polar Vortex, Pesticides, Red Tape Can’t Stop Us! Yesenia and Neftali of NC FIELD and Poder Juvenil Campesino visited Washington, D.C. to speak out about pesticide safety.