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Exposed and Ignored: How Pesticides are Endangering Our Nation’s FarmworkersFarmworker Justice. This report exposes the serious health risks faced by thousands offarmworkers each year from pesticide exposure, and the failings of workplace standards to prevent the high rate of pesticide-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths.


Farmworkers Make Their Voices Heard in the Call for Stronger Protections from PesticidesNew Solutions. A peer-reviewed article written by members of our coalition that presents the comments submitted by farmworkers to the Federal Register during the 2014 process to revise the Worker Protection Standard.


Fumigant Pesticides Put Central Coast Communities At Risk - Pesticide Action Network North America. This report advocates for safe replacements for fumigant pesticides. Fumigants are an outdated, toxic technology that undermines soil health.


Exposure and Interaction: The Potential Health Impacts of Using Multiple PesticidesSustainable Technology & Policy Program at UCLA. A report on the effects of exposure to multiple pesticides, using fumigants as a case study.


Weeding out Abuses: Recommendations for a Law-Abiding Farm Labor SystemFarmworker Justice. This report outlines specific recommendations that the government can take to increase enforcement and improve the lives of farmworkers around the country.


Fields of Poison 2002: California Farmworkers and PesticidesPesticide Action Network North America. The report analyzes the state’s pesticide poisoning data and finds that pesticide safety laws fail to protect many of the state’s 700,000 farmworkers from poisonings even when the laws are apparently followed.


Protecting Their Potential: Ensuring California’s school children are safe from hazardous pesticides - Californians for Pesticide Reform. This resource highlights key issues around pesticides and school children and provides key recommendations.


Workplace Safety and Health for Farmworkers: Pesticide Safety, Heat Illness, Field Sanitation, and Workers’ Rights - Farmworker Justice. A curriclum for promotores de salud who provide outreach to farmworkers focused on occupational health. Also available in Spanish.

FJ curriculum


Tools for clinicians focused on reporting pesticide-related violations, providing patient education, and clinical tools - Migrant Clinicians Network. This web page provides several tools that can be used in a clinical setting to provide services related to pesticide exposure.



La Seguridad de la Familia/The Safety of Your FamilyCalifornia Poison Control SystemWestern Center for Agricultural Health and Safety at the University of California, Davis, and California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Short educational videos on pesticide safety. Available in Spanish and English.


The CHAMACOS StudyThe Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health,UC Berkeley, School of Public Health. A longitudinal birth cohort study based in the Salinas Valley of California examining chemicals and other factors in the environment and children’s health.