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November 2015

The Desert SunDeath in the Fields: California Farmworkers Suffer More Heat Deaths than Any Other Workers in Outdoor Industries

September 2015

Press Release: Strengthened Federal Worker Protection Standards Applauded & Welcomed by Groups Farmworker, labor, and environmental health advocates praise EPA for much needed protections

May 2015

TruthoutBanned Pesticide Continues to Poison People

April 2015

The Sacramento BeeFarmworkers need protections now

The Palm Beach PostStrengthen protections for those who help grow our food

March 2015

GristAfter Cesar Chavez: The fight for farmworkers rights isn’t over

February 2015

TruthoutMissteps: Can We Prevent Poisonings From Pesticide Drift?

October 2014

Earthjustice & Univision  Television segment highlighting farmworker concerns over pesticides.  October 28, 2014.    

Earthjustice releases featured stories from California’s farmworker community in The Toxic Secret of California’s Salad Bowl photo essay collection. October 28, 2014.

September 2014

Activists: Tighten pesticide limits: Front & Center. Orlando Sentinel. Sept. 2, 2014.

EPA proposes changing standards on pesticides and farm workers: Opinions divided on impact.Sept. 20, 2014.

No one knows how many farm workers exposed to pesticides Technology may have improved safety. September 20, 2014

August 2014

Editorial: Farmworkers need pesticide protections. August 8, 2014 

House Dems want more farmworker protections. August 8, 2014

EPA Seeks Public Comment on Farm Worker Protection Standards, Activist Say Standards Don’t Go far Enough. Aug 16, 2014

April 2014

Celebrating Earth Day: Commitment to Protecting Farmworkers and the Environment Blogs

How Our Regulatory System Misjudges Pesticides and Risks Our Health ( Huffington Post)

Protect our planet, farmworkers and families ( The Hill)

Farmworkers Learn About the New Regulations Regarding Pesticides - an article that discusses farmworkers’ participation in the Farmworker Institute in Chapel Hill, NC with members of the farmworker community learning about the new, proposed regulations from the EPA and making public comments to officials.

Feds proposing stronger laws for agricultural pesticide use
North Carolina farmworker youth discuss their personal experiences of farm work and pesticide exposure and advocate to EPA for stronger Worker Protection Standard.

March 2014

Feds proposing stronger laws for agricultural pesticide use   

February 2014

EPA to Farmworkers: Ask the Boss to Show You the Papers

January 2014

Press Release:  Leaders call for strong standards to protect vulnerable workers from toxic exposure. Read the full press release here