We Are Not Waiting!

While EPA Reviews Public Comments, Farmworkers and Advocates Are Speaking Out

 We all did great work to get over 200,000 petition signatures and individual comments (thank you to all who signed or commented!) to the EPA by the August 18th deadline, but much of the hard work is yet to come.  We need everyone’s help to keep the pressure on Agency officials to let them know that there is broad support around the country for stronger protections for the nation’s hardworking farmworkers.

As we move into the holiday months of November and December, the Protect Farmworkers Team will be celebrating the hard work of farmworkers through news and social media efforts to bring farmworker voices to the halls of the EPA and to the streets of D.C.

Thanks to the Team’s Andrea Delgado of Earthjustice for speaking truth to Univision reporters on October 28 and raising the voices and concerns of farmworkers. Watch the story here . 

Recently, Earthjustice featured stories from California’s farmworker community in The Toxic Secret of California’s Salad Bowl.  You can read the farmworkers’ stories here.

Stay tuned for more stories of farmworkers and for actions that you can take to make a difference.